22 March 2023

Remote Adventures in Comfort

 It's been a long time coming, but the COVID years presented me with an opportunity to complete and build a unique 4WD canopy for the Toyota Landcrusier 79.

The objectives, a go anywhere, anytime 4WD that had the comforts of home.  

You know! Like a queen-sized bed, hot / cold running water, heating for those cold mornings, cool during the heat of the day, built in flush toilet, shower, sink, fridge and cooker.  

On top of that, room for two spare tyres, tools, recovery gear and camping chairs, tables etc.

The design challenges, to keep it light, minimal welding, strong and tuff, totally self-contained, flat pack assembly and to squeeze everything into one small touring canopy unit.

Luckily, in more recent years, new products including compact diesel heaters and cook tops provided an option to avoid carrying gas bottles and the potential leaking dangers.  So the canopy is power by the sun and diesel.

The canopy was built on a trolley style jig that took around 3 weeks in total to complete. Once built, a purposed build left frame and jacks lifted the canopy on the vehicle.  Then it was just a simple task to attach the wheel guards and under deck storage lockers.

Below are a few photos that show the build progress.

Jig and sub structure

Water tanks in sub structure
Deck on sub structure and internal panels

Shell panels being fitted

Outfitting with Fibreglass pop top fitted
Plumbing to pump and heating unit

The maiden voyage

No rooftop ladder. Only 3 steps to access inside shower, toilet and queen bed

It is too good to keep to ourselves, so we have established a business called Kappa Kanopies to supply the design for other to build and market this all-in-one unit.

If you want to know more, email Be keen to hear from you. :)

Gordon Kay

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