20 January 2011

New 4WD Deluxe Camping Canopy

For those of you who are interested in having a look at my new go anywhere remote access 4WD (Toyota 70 Series) with purpose built canopy, below are a few drawings and some further info.

Please note, I have hidden the canopy doors for clarity.

Click here to view or download the General Arrangement Drawings  (8 x A4 Pages)

Units are designed and fully equipped to provide all the conveniences for effortless stop-overs and constructed in tough, lightweight aluminum. The build quality is designed to offer years of maintenance-free reliability.

Typical features:-
  • Full-sized double bed with multi-layered mattress for a great night's sleep  
  • Hot and cold running water at your convenience to all amenities
  • Easily-accessible flush toilet and shower alcove to freshen up
  • Handy internal wash-up basin and mirror for night and day access
  • Contained kitchen area with easy-access pull out sink, sheltered diesel stove and ample retractable work benches
  • Fridge and freezer to preserve all types of foods for those long adventures
  • Intelligent power-management system with maintenance-free LED lighting, AGM long-life battery and solar power generation for those extended stop-overs
  • Safe diesel fueled hot water system
  • Built-in diesel space heating for those cold nights and breezy fan ventilation for the hot ones
  • Large 180L taint-free stainless steel water tanks plus optional 120L Jerry storage
  • Extensive and appropriately-located storage areas and pockets for all your traveling needs
  • Large external pull-out accessories drawer for quick access to all your 4WD recovery or additional camping needs
  • Secure dual spare wheel internal compartment with vice and workshop area
  • Unique popup design that provides greater head height and sit-up room over the bed area
  • All doors and external storage hatches are fitted with fail-safe security locks for the protection of your valuables
  • Camper units are mounted and designed to absorb the twisting and vibration effects of the harshest conditions
  • Packed-To-Go. Now stop-overs will take only minutes so no more hours of trip preparation or setup times….just go and enjoy!
Let me know if you or a friend are interested in building a unit as a full set of design drawing (Approx 80), Bills of Material with suppliers and part numbers and fabrication instructions are available.

Also looking for fabricator to build under license.

Any questions, please email me.

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